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Set up SSL certificates for your store

In this tutorial, we will help you to set-up SSL on your own domain, with CraftingStore. We alrea...

How to enable Coupons?

Coupons and Gift-cards are disabled by default, you can enable them within your settings page on ...

What are player profiles?

A player profile is a confirmation that you own a specific E-mail address or Minecraft UUID.  B...

Supported server platforms

We currently support 3 server platforms with our plugin, please read below to find out. CraftBuk...

Where can I submit suggestions?

You can create suggestions through our suggestions board at GitHub. Please look here:


You can translate almost every message on your store. Messages are located in the "languages" sec...

What placeholders can I use for the package click command?

You can use the following placeholders to show in the Minecraft click message: {id} = This will ...

How to create a server

CraftingStore uses servers (API Tokens) to communicate with the plugin. This guide will help you ...

I did not get the confirmation mail

We require stores to have a confirmed account before creating more than 5 packages, CraftingStore...

Does CraftingStore have an API?

We do have an API, but it is not documented at this moment. We are working on completing the docu...

How long will it take for the commands to process?

For premium stores, this will be within a few seconds. We use a real-time socket connection to up...

Where can I find my API or Plugin key?

Your plugin/API key is the server key. You can create as many keys as you like. This way you can ...

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