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How to create a server


CraftingStore uses servers (API Tokens) to communicate with the plugin. This guide will help you ...

SSL Certificates

Premium features

We offer the ability to request an SSL certificate for your website (on silver and higher). This ...

E-mail receipt


E-mail receipts are E-mails that we send to your customers when they buy a package. This receipt ...

Cumulative packages


When creating your category, you can enable "Cumulative packages", this feature allows you to giv...

DDoS Protection


(D)Dos is a growing threat in the online world, players or other server owners can use those to m...

Maintenance mode

Premium features

This feature will only work on premium websites, it allows you to "lockdown" your store, so nobod...

Discord payment notification

Premium features

Gold stores can set-up discord notifications. When you receive a payment, we'll send you a messag...

Realtime payments

Premium features

Silver and gold stores will use our new real-time socket connection system to get instant (real-t...

Beta features

Premium features

When we create a new major feature, and we tested it. It will first release to the "Beta" program...

CMS pages

Premium features

A CMS (Content management system), is a place where you can create all sorts of things; Pages, bl...

Set-up your own domain


We offer the ability to use your own (sub)domain for your webstore. This is available for all the...

Gift cards

Premium features

Gift cardsA gift card is used to give players "credit" for your webshop. You can generate a uniqu...

How to set up PayGol

Payment Gateways

Setting up PayGol is really easy to do, just follow the steps below. 1. Create an account at PayG...

How to set up PaymentWall

Payment Gateways

To set-up PaymentWall, you will need a LIVE application on Paymentwall. You can create one, and c...

How to set up PayPal

Payment Gateways

We offer PayPal as a direct gateway on our platform. Setting up PayPal on your CraftingStore acco...

Use CraftingStore on a BungeeCord network


Our plugin works for Spigot, BungeeCord, Sponge, CraftBukkit, and more to come, but if I'm runnin...

Supported server platforms


We currently support 3 server platforms with our plugin, please read below to find out. CraftBuk...

Set up SSL certificates for your store


In this tutorial, we will help you to set-up SSL on your own domain, with CraftingStore. We alrea...

How to install the plugin?

Plugin help

  Spigot, Bukkit, Sponge, and BungeeCord Our plugin works on Spigot, Craftbukkit, BungeeCord, S...

How to create a category


Categories are used to store packages. They add structure to your store. You can have a category ...