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Use your own domain for receipt mails.

This feature allows you to send E-mails through your own custom SMTP servers, with your own domain.

1. Open the receipt settings page, located in the sidebar (click here).
2. Enable the "Own domain" section.

Mail Subject: The subject of your message. (e.g. "Thanks for your payment!").
SMTP Host: The hostname to connect to.
STMP Encryption: The encryption to use.
STMP Port: The port to send E-mails to.
Username: The login username, to access the SMTP server.
Password: The password to connect.
Sender name: The name to send the E-mail though. (e.g. "MyServer")
Sender E-mail: The E-mail address to send from, your SMTP server MUST be allowed to send emails through this platform.

3. Make sure to set the receipts to "enabled".

Now players will get an E-mail when they do a payment, with their transaction ID.