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Subscription support

Our subscription feature allows you to charge your players automatically every day, week, month, or year. This article explains the functionality and how you can use it. Note: This feature requires the Silver plan!

Supported payment methods#

PayPal Business - To use Subscriptions you need to have a PayPal business account, and you need to use our PayPal business integration (click here for set-up guide). The Legacy PayPal integration will not work.

How do I enable subscriptions on a package?#

You can enable it from the package editor, open/create a package and go to the "Advanced" tab.


How do I see active subscriptions?#

You can view all active subscriptions on the CraftingStore dashboard, you can manage them directly from your PayPal account. Our system will get notified about updates. So if you cancel a subscription, it will get cancelled on our side as well.


How can my buyers cancel their subscription?#

They can do so directly from their own PayPal account. When they click one of your payments, they will see a link to manage the subscription & cancel it. You can also do this from your side.

Common issues#

I do not see the "subscribe" button when viewing the package - Please make sure that your template is ready for subscriptions, these are the required changes:

My payment fails - Only PayPal business (using the API gateway) is supported.