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Realtime payments

Silver stores and up will use our new real-time socket connection system to get instant (real-time) payments.

How does it work?#

When you start the server, we'll set-up a real-time socket connection between your Minecraft server and Instead of polling the CraftingStore API on set intervals, we'll send a message to your server when someone makes a payment. This way your server will poll the required commands from our API the second the donation gets though.

How fast is this system?#

It depends on the payment providers, when PayPal, for example, confirms the payment, we'll send the message within 5 seconds. Most of them process the payment within 20 seconds.

How do I enable this feature?#

It's enabled by default when you start the server, and we detect that it's premium the feature will be enabled.

On what server types does it work?#

Currently only on our Spigot, BungeeCord, Sponge and RCON server types. It does not work for uMod or Databases.