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DDoS Protection

(D)Dos is a growing threat in the online world, players or other server owners can use those to make your server, webstore, website, etc. unavailable for the public. To fight this, we offer basic DDoS protection for all webstores.

What is a DDoS?
A DDoS is basically a lot of machines attacking one target to take it down, like your store.

How do you protect the infrastructure?
The CraftingStore front-end servers are running on servers within different datacenters. We selected those locations based on their availability and DDoS mitigation. Our servers are monitored 24/7 by our automated system (hosted off-site), and when one of your servers is being attacked, we re-route the other traffic to other servers, so your webstore will always be fast.

What do we do when an attack is too big?
When we get an attack that is being a pain to us, then our automated system will move your domain over to a specialised DDoS protection provider. We currently have three providers that we may use, depending on the scale of the attack, the duration, how often you are attacked, and your store configuration. For example, most stores have HTTPS (TLS) certificates, so we'll have to make sure that those keep working.

These providers each have massive capacity, to cope with even the biggest attacks. We always try to keep your store up and running at all times, free of charge, but if you get massive attacks every other day, we may contact your in a ticket to see what the options are. Like, moving your site behind Cloudflare, and always enabling their "Under attack" mode, or GEO blocking countries, so prevent attacks from even reaching our infrastructure.