SSL Certificates

We offer the ability to request an SSL certificate for your website (on silver and higher). This can help you boost the sales, and every player will see a green lock in the URL bar. 

What is SSL?
SSL is a secure way of connecting to a website. You know that a site is using SSL (HTTPS) when the lock in the URL bar is green, this means that the connection to the website is encrypted. 

How does it work?
We use Let's Encrypt certificates to make your store work using HTTPS, we generate these certificates on your behave and place them on some of our edge servers. 

How do I enable HTTPS?
Please refer to our F.A.Q. an item about the set-up: Click here.

Can I redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS? 
Yes, you can! Just go to your CraftingStore dashboard, and look for Settings -> Domain. This page contains the option to forward all HTTP traffic.

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