Payment Gateways

How to set-up the payment gateways on our system.

How to set up PayPal

We offer PayPal as a direct gateway on our platform. Setting up PayPal on your CraftingStore account is easy to do in a few steps. 

1. Go to CraftingStore, and select "gateways" from the sidebar. 
2. Enter your PayPal mail, and set "Enabled PayPal" to yes. 
3. Save the settings. 

Note: Your account needs to have IPN calls enabled. Some accounts do not have this, please check if you have a premier or Business account before setting this up.

How to set up PaymentWall

To set-up PaymentWall, you will need a LIVE application on Paymentwall. You can create one, and contact the support with your business model so they can activate your account. 

If you need to test the IPN you can set the "uid" field to "test", this will validate your payment. 

When your project is LIVE you can follow these steps; 

1. Open your project. 
2. Change the "pingback URL" to
3. Change the "Pingback signature version" to 2.
4. Open the gateways page (gateways at the sidebar). 
5. Enter the project's app and secret key on this page. 
6. You can use Paymentwall now, to accept payments!


How to set up PayGol

Setting up PayGol is really easy to do, just follow the steps below. 

1. Create an account at
2. Go to the notification page, and change the IPN URL to
3. Enter your Service ID and Secret key on the CraftingStore gateways page.
4. Set-up your payment gateways. 

You are now ready to accept payments using PayGol

How to set up Xsolla

This guide will help you to set-up Xsolla on your CraftingStore webshop. With Xsolla you'll be able to receive donations using 700+ payment gateways.

To set-up Xsolla please follow the following steps;

1. Create your Xsolla publisher account by using this link (click).
2. After you created your account, please log in and go to the "projects" section in the sidebar. 
3. Click "Create new project" and fill in the basic details. Some of these need to be taken from your CraftingStore gateways dashboard, located here (click).
Webhook URL; You can find this on the gateways page at CraftingStore
Return URL;

4. Now enable the "Simple checkout" module, and open up the "Advanced settings".
5. Make sure that the "External ID" box is set to "on".
6. Create your project, and re-open the project.
7. You'll need to copy some information to the CraftingStore gateways tab, so we can create payment links on your behave.
Merchant ID -> This ID is shown in the top navigation bar at Xsolla, and in the URL. You'll only need to copy the number, not the name after it. 
API key -> The API key of your publisher account, you can find this in; Publisher account -> Settings -> Company. 
Project ID -> The project ID is shown on the Projects overview. You'll only need to copy the ID, not the name.
Project secret key -> This is the secret key you set in the project settings. 

8. Fill the above mention keys into your CraftingStore gateways page, and click save!

Now your project is created, and you're ready to launch the project. To do so, Xsolla will need to verify that the webhook is working properly. 

1. Go to your projects overview at Xsolla, and click "Simple checkout" in the middle of your project.
2. The page will display a testing page, You can enter "1" without quotes at all those items. After you entered this, click "Test". 
3. All dots should be green after this is validated, you're ready to go! 

The last thing that's left to do, is signing the Agreement with Xsolla so you can start accepting payments. If you have any questions regarding this agreement, please contact Xsolla. And if you encounter any issues regarding setting Xsolla up with CraftingStore, please send us a ticket using the CraftingStore dashboard!