Set-up your own domain

We offer the ability to use your own (sub)domain for your webstore. This is available for all the plans.

What is a custom domain?
You can choose a subdomain on our root domain (, but some server owners want the ability to use their own domain instead. So instead of, your domain will be something like: (you'll need to own "" in this example)

How do I set-up my own domain?
1. First, we need to create a DNS record within the DNS manager from your domain provider. How to create a record and the format to use may differ for each provider, we added some examples below. If your hosting provider is not in the list you may be able to contact your registrar for support.
2. Open up the DNS manager, and create a new DNS record. Please make sure that there is no DNS record that is conflicting (for example, an old record on the same name). 

Record information:
Name: (replace this with your actual domain)
TTL: Lower is better, our IP's may change based on the load.
Type: c-name

3. After you created the record and saved the DNS settings, go back to the CraftingStore dashboard.
4. Go to the domain settings (sidebar -> settings -> domain) and fill in your full domain (, to the custom URL box, make sure to empty the "sub-domain" box before.
5. Save the settings.

Now your custom domain is set! It might take up to 24 hours for the DNS change to complete, this is based on the DNS/Domain Provider.

Host: store
Points to:
TTL: 1/2 hour

Left Field: store
Right field: (note the dot at the end, it is required and will not work without it)
TTL: Default

Type: CNAME Record
Host: store
Value: (note the dot at the end, it is required and will not work without it)
TTL: 30 min

Name: store
Domain name:
Automatic TTL
Orange Cloud: If you want to forward the request through CloudFlare you can enable it (orange), we support their flexible and full (none-strict) modes.

Pointer Records: CNAME
Sub-domain: store
TTL: By Default
Target: (note the dot at the end, it is required and will not work without it)