DDoS Protection

(D)Dos is a growing threat in the online world, players or other server owners can use those to make your server, webstore, website, etc. unavailable for the public. To fight this, we offer basic DDoS protection for all webstores.

What is a DDoS?
A DDoS is basically, a lot of machines attacking one target to take it down.

How do you protect the infrastructure? 
The CraftingStore front-end servers are running on servers within different datacenters. We selected those locations based on their availability and DDoS mitigation. Our servers are monitored 24/7 by our automated system (hosted off-site), and when one of your servers is being attacked, we re-route the other traffic to other servers, so your webstore will always be fast. 

But what about Layer7 attacks?
Layer 7 attacks are tricky, they flood a webserver with a lot of request to crash it, or make it very slow. We fight this off with different techniques, we're not going to tell all of them, but those are some of our countermeasures; 
- Firewall before every server, to block off as much traffic as possible. 
- A load balancer with at least 2 fallback web servers, and health checking.
- Rate limiting on 2 levels, to block bad IP's. 
- Redis & file caching for all content on your webstore, all traffic is served from RAM or file cache, the request will not hit our database, so your webstore should stay up and fast.

Do you offer any SLA for DDoS attacks?
No, we don't, we have a lot of system in place to take over when something fails, and a lot of ways to block DDoS attacks (network & application layer), but we cannot offer an SLA for the pricing that we currently use.