Help with setting up the platform.

What placeholders can I use for the package click command?

You can use the following placeholders to show in the Minecraft click message:

{id} = This will be replaced with your package ID.
{name} = This will be replaced with your package name. 
{displayName} = This will be replaced with your display name, including colors. 
{link} = This will generate a link to the specific package.

&7[&6MyServer&7] &cYou can buy {name} here: &a{link}

Will become:
[MyServer] You can buy MyPackageName here: https://example.craftingstore.net/package/44


Where can I change the logo?

You can change the logo through our dashboard, the logo changer is located in the Design section. 

[ Sidebar -> Design -> Settings ]


My sales do not apply.

Sales are applied to the selected categories, packages or the whole store. But they will only show if they are enabled, in this post we describe some settings that might make your sales not go live.

You are using an old template
Some old templates (3th party) do not yet have the required changes for the pricing system, upgrade your template or ask support. 

The category has "cumulative packages" enabled. 
The cumulative packages feature has an option to discard sales (this is the default), so if the user bought their rank with a discount, it would give the user the full price back in value. 

You can change this by going to the category and editing it, make sure "Should cumulative category respect sales?" is checked.

The package or category is not selected.
Sometimes, the item that you are viewing is not selected in the sale settings, make sure it is. 


If these steps do not help, please contact us.

When I click checkout the page just redirects

When you click checkout at the store, we will create a payment for your store and redirect the customer. But it might happen that the page just refreshes. The biggest cause of this that no gateways are set-up.

How to set-up a payment gateway?
1. Go to the CraftingStore dashboard.
2. Go to [ Payments -> Gateways ]
3. Configure any gateway of choice. Make sure to click "Update Gateways" at the top or bottom, just closing the box is not enough.

How the store should function as expected.