Premium features

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Gift cards

Gift cards
A gift card is used to give players "credit" for your webshop. You can generate a unique key within the dashboard, and the player can use this key to get a discount, or to get the package for free (depends on the amount chosen by you). 

- The gift card has a fixed amount, the player can redeem this in parts. 
- If the package is worth more than the gift card, the amount will be taken from the card, and the rest can be paid by another gateway (real money). 
- You can see all the cards, and the balance left on them.

CMS pages

A CMS (Content management system), is a place where you can create all sorts of things; Pages, blog posts etc. But for our system, we'll just focus on pages. 

Where can I use those CMS pages for?
For a lot of things, for example; if you don't have your own website but you still want to show the rules of your game server on a webpage, you can create a "rules" page. The possibilities are endless.


- You can use HTML
- You can create as many pages as you want.
- You can create a slug for it (SEO friendly URL, like;
- You can add it to the navigation of your store

SSL Certificates

We offer the ability to request an SSL certificate for your website (on silver and higher). This can help you boost the sales, and every player will see a green lock in the URL bar. 

What is SSL?
SSL is a secure way of connecting to a website. You know that a site is using SSL (HTTPS) when the lock in the URL bar is green, this means that the connection to the website is encrypted. 

How does it work?
We use Let's Encrypt certificates to make your store work using HTTPS, we generate these certificates on your behave and place them on some of our edge servers. 

How do I enable HTTPS?
Please refer to our F.A.Q. an item about the set-up: Click here.

Can I redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS? 
Yes, you can! Just go to your CraftingStore dashboard, and look for Settings -> Domain. This page contains the option to forward all HTTP traffic.

Beta features

When we create a new major feature, and we tested it. It will first release to the "Beta" program. Every gold user can test the new features before they are released to the other plans. 

What features can I expect?
When we, for example, release the ability to create Coupon codes (we already support this, but just for the example) we test it locally, in staging and in production on a test account, but to test it further, we'll need to let users use it. So many new major features will be on the beta program.

Do I need to do anything to apply for this? 
When you're at our premium (gold) plan, you don't need to do anything. When we release a new feature it will be in the sidebar with the "Beta" tag. And you'll have the ability to test it. 

Realtime payments

Silver and gold stores will use our new real-time socket connection system to get instant (real-time) payments.

How does it work?

When you start the server, we'll set-up a real-time socket connection between your Minecraft server and Instead of polling the CraftingStore API on set intervals, we'll send a message to your server when someone makes a payment. This way your server will poll the required commands from our API the second the donation gets though. 

How fast is this new system?

It depends on the payment providers, when PayPal, for example, confirms the payment, we'll send the message within 5 seconds. Most of them process the payment within 20 seconds. 

How do I enable this feature? 

It's enabled by default when you start the server, and we detect that it's premium the feature will be enabled.

On what server types does it work?
Currently only on our Spigot, BungeeCord, Sponge and RCON server types. It does not work for uMod or Databases.

Discord payment notification

Gold stores can set-up discord notifications. When you receive a payment, we'll send you a message using Discord's webhooks.

How do I set this up?

1. Open your discord server settings. 
2. Click "webhooks". You need to have permission for this on the server.
3. Click "Create webhook", and give your bot a name. 
4. Discord will create a link for you, you'll find it in the "webhook URL" box. 
5. Click "copy" behind this link, and open your CraftingStore dashboard. 
6. Click "profile" in the navigation bar, on the right top. And open "Notification settings". 
7. Enable Discord notifications and paste your webhook URL in the "Webhook URL" box. 
8. You're set! 

Any new donation will trigger this webhook and sent the message to the selected channel. 

Maintenance mode

This feature will only work on premium websites, it allows you to "lockdown" your store, so nobody will be able to view it, or buy anything. This may come in handy when you are still working on your website and you don't want any visitors to buy things while you are working. 

How to enable Maintenance mode?
1) Go to your CraftingStore panel. 
2) Click on the "Settings" tab in the sidebar.
3) Select "Webstore"
4) Set "Maintenance mode" to "Yes" and update the settings. 

After this, your website will be locked down, and nobody will be able to look at it, or purchase items.

Use your own domain for receipt mails.

This feature allows you to send E-mails through your own custom SMTP servers, with your own domain. 

1. Open the receipt settings page, located in the sidebar (click here). 
2. Enable the "Own domain" section. 

Mail Subject: The subject of your message. (e.g. "Thanks for your payment!").
SMTP Host: The hostname to connect to. 
STMP Encryption: The encryption to use. 
STMP Port: The port to send E-mails to. 
Username: The login username, to access the SMTP server.
Password: The password to connect.
Sender name: The name to send the E-mail though. (e.g. "MyServer")
Sender E-mail: The E-mail address to send from, your SMTP server MUST be allowed to send emails through this platform. 

3. Make sure to set the receipts to "enabled". 

Now players will get an E-mail when they do a payment, with their transaction ID. 


Creating compressed templates

Templates can be installed by uploading a zip with the .html files. The files must be directly in the zip, not in a subfolder.

The zip may contain these files:


Custom Variables

Custom variables allow you to ask the player for additional input (text) on their purchase. You can, for example, allow a player to enter a second player name that will get a bonus.

The created variable can be used in your commands, so you can issue any action on them.

Ban Players

Premium stores have the ability to ban players from purchasing something at their store. The ban can be a UUID, Minecraft name, or IP ban.

Branding removal

Premium stores have the ability to disable the "Powered by CraftingStore" branding from their store. You can remove this from the "Design" section.

Custom Templates

We offer a full template system for premium stores. You can customize the HTML and CSS for your whole store. There are various templates available online for the CraftingStore platform.

Our templating system uses Twig (documentation) for processing it, this means that you can print out data, do if statements, loops and lots of other programming functions directly into your template.


Screenshot of the base.html


Menu builder

The menu builder allows you to build inventories from the dashboard. You can create a menu and drag & drop the packages, categories, other menus, or utility items (close and back) directly into the field. It will be translated directly into the plugin.

This is how the drag & drop editor looks: