How to create coupon codes

Coupon codes are handy to give discounts to users, and boost sales. 

1. Go to the CraftingStore dashboard. 
2. Select "Coupons" from the sidebar, and click "Create coupon". 

This page will show all the options, we will explain them:

Coupon: The name and code that the user can use. 
Type discount: Should the discount be a money amount (e.g. 10 EUR discount) or a percentage (e.g. 10% discount)
Max uses: How many times may this coupon be used. If you do a giveaway, you can set this to 1 for example. 
Coupon behavior: Should this coupon override sales (e.g. there is a 10 EUR package, and a 5 EUR sale, and coupons will override and it's a code to discount 10 EUR, the item will become free).
Apply coupon to: To what categories/packages should the coupon be applied. 
Start date: This date will enable the coupon. 
End date: The coupon will be disabled after this date.