How to create a package

Categories are used to store packages. They add structure to your store. You can have a category named "Kits" with only kits.

1. Open the dashboard at (click)
2. Click "Packages" in the sidebar of the panel. 
3. Click "New package" at the right top. 

Now, we are on the create page. We have a lot of options. This guide will explain all of them. 

Name: The display name, to be shown on your store. 
Description: The description to display on your store, HTML is allowed. 
Price: The price the customer has to pay. 
Enabled: Should this package be shown to the customer?
Category: The category this package belongs to. 
Expire after: When should this package expire, you can toggle this with the "Payment type" option. 
Global limit: How many times this package may be bought in total, by all users combined. 
User limit: How many times this package may be bought by a specific customer (UUID or Minecraft name)
Limit type: How long should this limit last, it will reset after this period. 
Servers: On what servers the commands should be executed by default. 
Allow the user to pay what they want: The user can select any price, as long as it's above the price defined. Handy for donations. 

- Initial: Will be executed on payment.
- Expiry: Will be executed when the payment expires. 
- Renewal: When the user pays again for the item. 
- Chargeback: Commands that should be executed when the user charges back. (for example: ban the user). 
Command: The command to run.
Servers: All packages selected in the basic tab, or a specific server. 
Delay: Should we only execute when the user is online? 

The image to show on the page.

Required packages that need to be bought before the user can buy this package. 
Only require one package: The customer only needs to buy one package instead of all of them.

The information to show in the GUI.